开发者预览版Kinect for Windows V2 Sensor即将发售

今天上午8:41分收到了Ben Lower(Kinect for windows开发社区经理)的邮件,激动万分啊。可是得先看完他们说的协议内容,以避免我违反协定。总之,Kinect V2预览版快来了,月底发货(11月25日会有消息)。最后的图片,给人无限遐想~


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关注我的微博http://weibo.com/guoming0000(不关注也可以),私信我下,如果你常上微博我到时会微博at你,如果不常上,可以留给我联系方式(邮箱、手机、qq等等,随你哈)。最近比较忙,等Kinect V2到手后,我会向告知大家更多的线下小聚的信息。

更新 2013-11-10—关于代码分享和是否用新体感参与比赛


晚上回来再认真阅读下协议~目前大家对于新的Kinect关注度似乎不高啊,不论是国内还是国外!除了自己的博客,我搜索关键字,只看到少量与Kinect V2相关的信息。由于Kinect V2只能在Win8.1下开发(微软总这样干啊),昨天晚上到现在还在将自己专业版的Win8升级到Win8.1(方法自己百度),囧。应该最先能得到的是SDK,届时将解读下SDK~同时还考虑要不要翻译一下,到时卖个钱。



  • windows 8.1
  • 4GB内存(或者更多)
  • i7 CPU @2.5GHz(或者更快)
  • USB3.0(Intel or Renesas chipset)
  • 支持DX11显卡




Kinect for Windows V2 Preview Kit device只提供给某些国家中的程序员,这些国家是Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland,

Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United


以下信息只能在Kinect for Windows V2程序员论坛里面讨论:基准问题、性能、图像抖动和SDK的质量。如果遵守了上述规则,你可以做说明示范、记录视频、上传视频、发微博、写博客,讨论实用功能和你是如何使用Kinect V2的。





I’m happy to let you know that we’re ready for the next phase of the Kinect for Windows Developer Preview Program:  signing the program agreement!

Please read this email carefully as there is a lot of information about the program and what you need to do now to guarantee your spot in the program.

There are four things you need to do right now (more information below):

1.       Sign the Program Agreement

2.       Familiarize Yourself with the Hardware Requirements

3.       Read the Frequently Asked Questions

4.       Patiently Wait Until November 25th

I request you sign the program agreement before November 25th.  Failure to complete the agreement by November 25th means we may release your program spot to someone on the waitlist (the many people on the waitlist would love that but I suspect you might be sad and I want you to be happy J).  We will be ready to collect your shipping and billing information on November 25th.  I will send you ordering information when we get closer to that date.

We are looking forward to start sending out the pre-release sensors and SDK to all program participants at the end of this month.


Ben Lower

Developer Community Manager, Kinect for Windows

Sign the Program Agreement

The Kinect for Windows Developer Preview Program is a special, private program and requires members to sign the program agreement prior to program admission (private forum access and sensor shipment will be withheld until agreement is signed).

The program agreement will be signed electronically and you will be receiving a separate email from Docusign.  If

Familiarize Yourself with the Hardware Requirements

Given the pre-release nature of the new Kinect for Windows (K4W) sensor and SDK, the K4W team has not been able to test on a wide variety of host machine configurations.  What follows is the recommended configuration for your host machine.

Recommended Configuration for Host Machine

In order to run the Kinect for Windows V2 Sensor and Kinect enabled Windows applications, we recommend a machine with the following software and hardware configuration:

•         Windows 8.1

•         4GB Memory (or more)

•         i7 CPU running @ 2.5GHz (or higher)

•         Built-in USB 3.0 port (Intel or Renesas chipset)

•         DX11 capable graphics adapter (see list of known good adapters below)

Don’t Rush to Buy New Hardware

While this is the recommended configuration, the sensor and runtime will work on slower CPUs (i5/1.7Ghz). Slower machines may not provide enough CPU bandwidth to run the sensor software and your Kinect enabled Windows application.

If you think your machine is close to the recommendations above, we think you might want to try the sensor & SDK first before buying new hardware (unless of course this is your perfect excuse to upgrade J).  If things don’t work well then you will need to update your developer machine to the above recommendations.


USB 3.0 Host Adapter

If you’re adding USB 3.0 functionality to a current PC by installing a USB 3.0 host adapter (PCIe), please verify that the USB 3.0 host adapter supports Gen-2. Please note that you may have to try different PCI-e slots to find one that provides the USB bandwidth required by the sensor. We’ve found that plugging the host adapter into one of the graphics slots works best.


Known Good Graphics Adapters

Here is a list of good known adapters that we’ve used internally:

•               Intel HD 4000 integrated display adapter (or better)

•               ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series

•               ATI Radeon HD 6570

•               ATI Radeon HD 7800 (256bit GDDR5 2GB/1000MHz)

•               NVidia Quadro 600

•               NVidia GeForce GT 640

•               NVidia GeForce GTX 660

•               NVidia Quadro K1000M


Read the Frequently Asked Questions

1.       Why can’t I just use the Kinect for Xbox One?  How is this different?

While the Xbox One will start shipping on November 22, the Kinect for Xbox One is not compatible with PCs.  A separate version of the new Kinect sensor, Kinect for Windows v2, will be commercially available sometime in 2014.  The first sensor that we are providing as part of the Kinect for Windows Developer Preview Program is a pre-release version that is compatible with PCs.  The second sensor that we will provide program participants will be the final, commercial product.


2.       What happens to the existing K4W TAP?

The existing TAP program will continue and will remain an NDA program.  TAP will remain separate from the Developer Preview Program.


3.       Can I share my spot in the program with other people at my company/organization/school?

Yes.  However, we do require that one person from your organization sign the program agreement and be responsible for your group’s membership.  By default we will only provide access to the private forum to a single person (i.e. the person to whom we originally granted program membership).  If your organization will be sharing the sensor and working together, please email us the name(s) and email address(es) of the additional people from your team so we can provide them access to the private forum. 

Patiently Wait Until November 25th

We will be ready for you to place your order on November 25th.  We will send you ordering information once we get closer to the date.  Once you place your order we will ship out your pre-release sensor.  I thank you for your patience as we work through the process of getting the pre-release devices ready!


Prepping components for the dev preview kits 

XBox One的体验视频

不管怎样Kinect V2就快来了,下面可以先看个XBox One的体验视频

Xbox One All-in-One Demo with Yusuf Mehdi and Marc Whitten


下图为在上海大悦城中,一名女玩家体验XBox 360经典的冲浪游戏。若大的商场,只有底层有个Kinect的游戏体验,服装等等零售店都没有Kinect应用以带动销售。

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